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      Loudenne - Les Jardins

      Loudenne - The Gardens

      Aware of the ecological challenge of our society, LOUDENNE is continuing its commitment to cultivating its vineyard organically since 2019.

      Already certified High Environmental Value since the 2017 vintage, LOUDENNE is continuing its approach to protecting the environment with Les Jardins, a range of certified organic wines, created in partnership with winegrowers from the Bordeaux region.

      Bordeaux Organic Wine - red, white and rosé

      Following the specifications of organic wines, with the greatest respect for nature and without artifice during vinification, LOUDENNE offers through Les Jardins wines which express the typicality of the grape varieties and the Bordeaux terroir.

      LES JARDINS is a tribute to nature in celebration. It takes its roots in the green paths of the Château garden, witness to the glamor of past garden parties and other sumptuous receptions.

      In order to transcribe this spirit, LOUDENNE joined forces with the artist Bertrand de Miollis and entrusted him with the creation of its labels like a painting. The result is a real invitation to travel through the paths, perfumed with the scent of roses, of the LOUDENNE gardens.

      Particular attention was paid to the selection of the components of this range of organic wines. In order to minimize its impact on the environment, LOUDENNE has chosen to work with a lightweight bottle, cork stoppers, FSC-certified cartons as well as labels made from 95% sugar cane fibers and 5% hemp fibers. and linen.